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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lady, you don't know shit about shit.

Inspiration is lacking. I don't know what to with myself, I need to get back on track. Too much of something is not good for beings. I'm watching too many dvds and reading too many books, I should be out there.

Edie: I went to a party once, and there was a palm reader there and when she looked at my hand, she just froze. And I said to her "I know. My lifeline is broken. I know I wont live past thirty."

We are Edie and Bob. So in love, so frustrated with one another, so perfectly fitting. But I don't want us to fail.

"They serve like a mockery in way of reality because they think everything is smiles and sweetness and flowers, when there is something bitter to taste. And to pretend there isn't is foolish."
I hate when people pretend everything is going to be okay.

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